Friday, May 22, 2009

13 words

I have written before that it was a speech delay that first prompted Jay and I to start investigating what was going on with Carson. At two years old, he had VERY little language and no desire to use what he did have.

Since Carson is my first child I have a very different idea of what "normal" or "typical" sounds like. Yes, every child develops in their own time, blah, blah, blah... We all know that the books tell us that and so do our doctors but eventually, they have to speak and if they don't (like Carson) well, then, let the adventure begin.

Fast forward five years and we are now parents to Fin. Just a reminder that Fin is 25 months old.

You see, the thing is... he freaks me out. Just this morning while getting ready to go with Pa to their house for a visit he said to me (regarding Carson's Buzz Lightyear video game) :

But I want to take it with me to Granny and Pa's house.



You are two years old. What the heck with 13 word sentences! He truly can freak me out sometimes.

Just last weekend, Jay and I took both boys to Carson's therapy center for a meeting about HBOT. The boys got to play in the gym area (with supervision by the therapists and Ms. Nicole). When I heard things not going very well, I went in there to check it out. While I was there, one of the therapist was working with a young boy. He was taking a break and she started to chat with me.

I found out that this person is a speech and language specialist.

Our conversation.

Lady - How old is he?
Me - He just turned two in April.
Lady - My gosh, he has so much language. He was speaking in 5 and 6 word sentences.
Me - Yeah, I know. From what I understand, he is totally not typical.
Lady - What did you do different with him?
Me - Well, all I know is how I speak to Carson and give tons of choices and basically do all I can to get him to talk. That is all I know so, I do the same with Fin.
Lady- He is like a speech professionals dream!
Me - Yes, God is overcompensating with him so that I don't spend more time worrying. He has been speaking since he was very young.
Lady - Did you vaccinate him?
Me - He has not had any vaccinations since he was three months old. He has only had very few
Lady - wow! Do you ever plan on vaccinating him further?
Me - eventually but possibly not all of them.

(Very interesting to me that a speech and language professional was interested in the vaccination subject! I just have to say that their are numerous professionals out there that work with our kids that see what we do too.)

Anyway, I guess what I am saying is - this is so much freaking fun! Everyday, I can't get over how much we are able to talk to one another and how much we are able to understand one another. I almost feel like we have this crazy, special ESP thing going on but the truth is... he will talk with anyone. Now, not every time he opens his mouth is it 13 word sentences but he says things that blow me away.

Examples -
This week I took him to the after hours clinic to have his ears checked. He seemed okay but after a week of boogers I figured I should check on his ears. While in the waiting room I was trying to keep him entertained. I noticed some flowers on the counter and picked Fin up and said "look at these beautiful flowers!" He said -

Look beautiful Tulips!

What the heck? Where in the world did he learn what Tulips look like?
Aunt Carol watched Fin this week and while on a walk she told me about the following conversation.

Fin - cough, cough, cough,
Aunt Carol - Oh Fin, that is a terrible little cough you have.
Fin - No, it is a terrible BIG cough.

I could write of numerous stories of his language. How he even knows some things... I have no idea!

With all this language has come some really hilarious sassy talk. He will tell me I am not being nice. He will tell me that he IS going to do something. I know most two year olds are testing but I have the sassy talk to go along with all his testing. It really is funny but I know it wont be funny for long so, I am trying to nip it. He actually went to time out this week for the first time. The reason was because the rabid lion finally got Carson. Yes, he bit him!

There was a part of me that was sort of scared at first of all this language. I did not want to feel sad for all we lost out on with Carson. I think because Carson's language is improving so much it does not hurt as much as I thought it would. Don't get me wrong - Autism has robbed us of so much with Carson but I also know I have to and deserve to enjoy all this amazing development with Fin.

I am loving this phase with Fin and am enjoying his personality so much. "Typical" is simply amazing!


Anonymous said...

I'm still not sure how Fin picks up so much and he started a year ago....he is one funny and smart little boy....Nonna

Anonymous said...

I love this - Dayna was a constant chatter box at that age too. Enjoy all the conversations...they grow up so fast!