Monday, May 11, 2009

Just don't call me Miranda!

Before Jay and I got married, I lived with my brother for a few months. Well, it ended up being almost a year but we had not planned it that way. I have so many wonderful memories of that time and it truly brought us closer together.

At that time, he was single and I was engaged to Jay. I lived in the second bedroom of his brand new beautiful condo. I have so many stories I could tell of that time together. We partied together, hung out, and I would cook food. Truly, it was a great time.

I remember back then, when he was single he was telling me that he was so sick of the show Sex and the City. The show was at its height of popularity and all the girls he would meet were fans. This drove him nuts because they would have to tell him which character they were on the show. I guess the girls thought they were being very cute. Anyway, this was a total turn off to him and something that he would laugh about to me.

Fast forward almost 8 years and guess what - my brother and his beautiful new wife, live in NYC. They just moved there back in January and although it has been an adjustment they sound like they are having a great time.

I got my Mother's Day gift a few weeks early this year. Jay surprised me with a trip to see my brother this coming Memorial Day weekend. Ron also surprised my sister. So, in less than two weeks, my sister and I are heading to the big city. I have never been and am very excited.

We will have about 48 hours of non-children (and husband) related time. I feel guilty that the idea of that sounds wonderful. I know that Jay and the boys will have a blast and I will be home in time to visit on Monday. This time away is very much needed for me.

I am not sure what the plans are while we are there and I really don't have any preferences. I can't wait to see Tommy and Niki (Max too). I can't wait to see their new place and check out where they go. I doubt we will have much time for any of the real touristy locations but we will see. I doubt we will be going on the Sex and the City tour. That might be something I will have to try to do another trip.

On that note, I can't figure out what character best describes me. I am totally not Samantha. Charlotte does not really fit either. Carrie is a pretty good fit but not totally. Just don't call me Miranda. She drove me nuts on that show.

I am probably a mix of them all.

Oh, and I would have never used that line had I been single during the shows heyday. We will see though. The city just might do something to me! One thing is for sure though, I will not be having Sex and the City. I will just be having the City.


Anonymous said...

You are too funny! So happy to (hear) again the time spent at Tom's condo was a positive and loving one. I could not be more please with how you turned out, the one and only Emily!!!!!

Tencza Family said...

I actually didn't start watching it until the movie came out but I instantly fell in love! I have never been to NYC and would love to go for the tour! Have a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are SO Charlotte... soul mates and true love... blegh! LOL
Have fun in the Big Apple! Take lots of pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I learn more about you guys every day! See you in a couple weeks :)


cindy said...

faI'm so jealous that I'm not 30 again so I could go with you. You two are going to have a ball. It helps when someone is there to show you the hot spots! Go and enjoy every minute. Then tell me all about it. I think you are mostly Char, but a little bit Carrie. Give Tommy and Niki my love.