Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kindergarten Visit - Pics

Here are some pics of the wonderful afternoon at Carson's kindergarten. Again, we did this to help familiarize him with what next year will be like and so that he could check out the room and halls. We will also be going throughout the summer to help make him as comfortable as possible with this new and exciting transition.
If this day was what we can expect next fall, I will have to say that he is going to be very happy there!
Happily sitting in circle time reviewing the date, day and weather. Not once did he budge or get antsy. He loved it.

Sitting with the other boys. These kids could not have been more friendly and welcoming to Carson. I wanted to kiss them all for this. Carson felt very special and I could tell by his expressions that he loved all the attention.

Snack time. That is Miss Nicole. Carson's aide. She will not be going to kindergarten with him next year but it was great that she joined us to see Carson experience kindergarten this day. This is where Carson learned that Spiderman is more popular with the older boys.

Two little girls read a story to the class. Carson was very interested and had to move up to the front to get a better look.

VERY interested in the reading. Even though he got up and went up there, he was listening really well. He truly just wanted a better look.
Snack time. He does not look all that happy but I was really distracting him by trying to get a picture. He was much more interested in the older boys and the talk of Spiderman.

If you had asked me prior to going, how I thought this would go - I would have told you I was not really looking forward to it. Carson proved me wrong and I feel so bad for doubting him. He did better than I ever could have imagined. Seeing him with his peers and wanting so badly to be accepted and fit in, was beautiful. I could tell that he worked VERY hard to keep it all together for those two hours. I am very proud of him!

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Tencza Family said...

He looks so much like Jay in that last pic! Hilarious! I am so glad you had a great time and that Carson is doing well! Keep up the good work!