Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life over here!

I have posted a bit on the big news around here but thought I would update you on some of the other news.

  • Jay and I are highly exciting people and live very interesting lives. He was asleep last night by 815 and since I am the wild one of the house I held out until 9pm.

  • Somehow Jay has managed to injure his back and has been in pain for over two weeks. He has been seeing our chiro and massage therapist to help. So far, it is not much better. If I have to drag him myself, should his back not be better by this week, he will be seeing an MD. (Yes, I am a HUGE proponent of alternative medicine but I also know that conventional medicine has it's time and after two weeks, I feel that time is now.)

  • My morning sickness is a bit better. I am not vomiting everyday. The allergies are acting up and the drainage makes me gag in the AM. Aren't you glad you know that?

  • Since the morning sickness is improving I am now totally exhausted. I literally could fall asleep doing just about anything. I get hit with a big bout of exhaustion around 3 each day. This should get better soon as I am far enough along now that I should be getting some energy back.

  • The neighborhood loves our house. Granny and Pa got the boys a trampoline for their bday's. We have at least 5-7 kids over most days. Carson is loving having "friends" and this is great for his social development.

  • We have an amazing new friend and helper named Miss Nicole. If you have read our blog for a while now, I mentioned a few months ago that Carson was grated a waiver from the State of Michigan. This waiver helps with his OT, PT, Speech. They also provide support for school meetings, IEP's, and Community Living Skills. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this program is. I would like to dedicate a whole post to Miss Nicole (with her permission of course) but just had to mention this new and wonderful addition to our life.

          • Carson will be having a very busy summer. He will continue with is regular OT twice a week but we will be adding speech 2x's a week as well. He will also be going to a great camp called Sensational Kids. It is a six week camp, two times per week for 1.50 hours. Carson will also be completing two rounds of three week intensive therapy (4 hours per day) at Crawl, Walk, Jump, Run. This therapy will take place once at the beginning of summer and then once again at the end of summer. We are also working on music therapy and horseback riding. He will be a very busy guy but we are doing all we can to help him prepare for kindergarten. Along with all this, we will be working here at home (Miss Nicole is a huge help with this) on his fine motor skills, socialization and daily living skills.

          • Carson totally understands that the baby in my belly is a girl. He has yet to recommend any names but I am happy that he is understanding all of this and so far, happy. I think he will really enjoy the baby as he is very interested in pregnant women and babies.

          • I do not think Griffin is thrilled at all about the new baby, nor do I think he will be happy when she arrives. I don't truly know how much he understands but he does not like it if I pay attention to anyone or anything other than him so, it does not look great right now. Today, he was mad that I was sitting in a chair with Carson. If Jay even tries to touch me Fin he will tell him "go away", "this is mine (me)", "NO Daddy". He was angry that Jay was going with us to Luca's birthday party this week. He did not want him to go and told us so. I am hoping this is just a phase but Carson never did this and I have no idea what to expect. He is like a very jealous high school boyfriend.

          • In one week, I am off to NYC. Yes, I can't wait. Good news is that I will be home on Monday early enough to attend the Facciolla picnic with the guys.

          • Sometimes Carson's language reminds me of my Nonno. One of Carson's newest responses to a question is - "very much good". Such as- " Carson how are your fries?" - "very much good". Too cute. Fin also reminds me of my Nonno when he asks for "choco milk". He says it just like my Nonno.

          Thanks for check in. We love you all - Em


          Anonymous said...

          Such a happy boys make me smile....Nonna

          Journey To Eden said...

          From blue with baseballs to pink with birds! Your blog looks great!

          Heather and Emma said...

          Oh my gosh Emily! I was laughing out loud reading your description of Griffin! Hilarious! I love how you describe him as a jealous high school boyfriend....too funny! Poor Jay!

          Anonymous said...

          You are one busy momma this summer. Take naps with the boys if you can! Poor Jay, Grif needs to chill! As always, you guys crack me up! Hang in there!
          Luv ya, ~Dar