Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gearing up for the holiday weekend.

Jay and Carson are at HBOT and Fin is sleeping so, I thought I would post a quick update.

  • Carson is doing really well with all his weekly appointments. I kid you not, he is in one activity or another 3-5 hours per day. To me, that is a big schedule for someone who just turned five. Also, all of his activities are hard work for him and I am so proud to say that after two whole weeks, he is being such a big boy and taking it all in stride. I try to make sure that he has some uninterrupted play time each day. I am finding that he really needs this time to decompress and not be bothered by anyone. I am sure that I would want to be left alone for a bit too if I were doing all he is.

  • When picking Carson up today, his speech teacher told me "he is so smart!". She decided to challenge him today with some higher level activities and he did them with ease. She was blown away. I am so proud of him. I know how smart he is but since he does not talk or interact as much as a neuro-typical child, others might miss it. I loved her enthusiasm and her joy for him. I swear, those things can make such a difference for both the child and parents.

  • Tomorrow we are going to the Krawczyk farm. Bill and Linda are in town from Florida. They graciously invited my sister, Ron and the boys to join us. The kids are sure to have a blast. Carson can hardly contain himself. Waiting for him is VERY difficult. We were looking at pictures of the last time we went and I can't get over how small Fin looks. Time flies. I am sure we will have some good pics to post.

  • Saturday we are planning a swimming day at Aunt Carol's house. I hope the weather cooperates as my boys LOVE swimming. I have still not gotten a maternity bathing suit so, I can't really swim but do enjoy watching them play and visiting. Our wonderful neighbors invited us to join the for the fireworks and if the kids are happy, we will probably meet them at Stony Creek. We will see.

  • I had my 24 week check up for Baby Girl yesterday. All is good and my blood pressure was fantastic. My weight gain (or lack there of) was fantastic. The doc literally told me that I am having a textbook pregnancy. Amazing - considering how crazy my other two were. I guess being home with my kids agrees with me. Maybe I am not a good working pregnant mother. Not that I don't work - but you know what I mean.

  • Jay and I spent some time at the mall this week. He had the week off for vacation and it rained most of everyday. He picked out a few things for baby girl and it was so sweet and strange to see him shopping for a girl. We even got her a bathing suit for next year. Too cute.

  • Jay and I have had some wonderful time to spend with Fin this week. With Carson so busy, we have been a family of three quite a bit. It has been so nice to give Fin our undivided attention. Fin cracks Jay up and I love that during this time off, Jay has been able to spend quality time with Fin. Those two are becoming quite tight. Fin is still VERY sassy with Jay and Jay likes to get him going but it works for them. Jay cracks Fin up and that is the best sound in the world.

  • Our children have become night owls. They have not gone to be before 10pm in weeks. This is nice but also a little annoying. We are having fun playing and being together but it really has not allowed for much alone time for Jay and I. I see a date night in our near future.

  • One thing I have noticed about summer is the fact that I cannot, no matter how hard I try, keep my house picked up and clean. It is driving me crazy but I am about to give up. Having the windows open makes everything look dusty all the time and with the kids playing in and out of the house both are a mess. So, if you come over, just pretend you don't see it. Honestly, I can't do it.

After reviewing this post, I realize that it is totally boring. Sorry for that. This is our family on-line journal as well, so it might not be all that great at times.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Love you - Em


Anonymous said...

I like boring...boring means all is good, life is the same. Nonna

Niki said...

We love reading your posts. None of them are boring! It keeps us in touch with what is going on while we are away. I'm glad everything is going well with your pregnancy.


Tencza Family said...

Tara is on the same sleep schedule, not going to bed before 10 pm. I agree with you that it is both nice and annoying! It might be better if it was coupled with sleeping in past 7 or 8 but this child does not require much sleep! This pregnancy is definitely more tiring than the first! Take care!