Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy...but FUN!

Hi Everyone! - It's me Jay again! I cannot believe that it is already July...June flew by and we haven't even had much hot summer weather yet....I'm hoping this is a sign that it will be warm through October again. I'm loving the nice Halloweens we've had.

We've had a lot of fun but seem to be slacking on here with pics because we cannot seem to stay off of Facebook. I realize that some of you reading may have already seen these there but I know some of you are not on Facebook...so here you go!

The weekend before the fourth was very busy for us. My dad and stepmom are in from Florida for two weeks so we went to my sister's for a bbq.

Carson, Blake and all their snacks!

Carson with his Grandma K.

Carson with Grandpa K. (Emily thinks Carson is my dad's twin!)

Grandpa with all four grandkids....

Carson taking a spin on Blake's four wheeler

Blake and Brooke

Little Fin on the playscape

Sunday night, we went to the Grosse Point Fireworks. This is the one day of the year that we all go to Emily's Papa's for a party. His backyard has a great view of the fireworks. It's a great tradition. We usually get there about three hours before the fireworks so we come up with some interesting ways to keep the kids busy...compliments of Nonna. Needless to say, Papa doesn't have a lot of kiddie toys.

We had a balloon toss...

Sack races (Carson cheating...)

Not looking like Carson, Fin and Luca get the concept here....

Nonna and her littlest grandbaby...but not for long...two more on the way...hopefully 3 soon....yeah you Tom and Niki...get busy:>)

Griffin took this pic of Amiee

Papa being funny....

Griffin and Luca played CSI with Papa Tom...see I said interesting ways to keep them busy....

Sparkler time!!!

We had a great time. Of course, it wasn't the same without Tom and Niki in town but I know that they enjoyed the fireworks from a rooftop in NYC...how cool!

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I just love how your whole family gets involved with the kids and all the traditions you guys have. How loving and fun!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures...happy times!