Thursday, July 9, 2009

Last night/This morning

Last night -

I was playing with Fin and he started to pat my belly. He lifted up my shirt and patted it some more. I said, "mommy has a baby in her tummy. Your baby sister!". He was very interested for a few minutes. He even kissed my tummy. Quickly though, he pulled my shirt down and said - "NO. You not have a baby in your tummy!" I had to repeat that I did have a baby in my tummy. Again, he said "NO. You not have a baby in your tummy!" Again, I said that yes I did, his baby sister. He then climbed up on me and put his arms around my neck and said "Hold me mama, hold me". I reassured him that he is my baby too and always will be.


This morning -

I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard some arguing in the great room. No big surprise, they fight almost daily. I was just happy that no one got hurt while I was in the shower! Anyway, I come out and Fin wants the train that Carson has. I don't doubt that Carson could have taken it away from him but was not around to see that. Fin is screaming and growling at Carson. Carson is totally unfazed by this and puts the train down. Fin picks it up and says to me "I scared Carson. He scared of me!". Yes Fin, your growling is very scary!

I hope you are having a good morning! Love ya - Em


Anonymous said...

I love your funny...and sometimes a little sad.

Anonymous said...

I love these toddler tales!