Monday, June 29, 2009

Coincidence...maybe but I don't think so....

Hi Everyone! It's me Jay.....sorry I've been slacking on here lately......but I have a little time because I am on vacation this week.

Well, as most of you know, Carson started HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy) last Monday. On Wednesday, he was noticeably wriggling and grabbing at his penis after the session while he was at his next therapy. Ms. Nicole asked him if he needed to go on the potty. He did! He peed on the toilet for the first time ever! He also said that he doesn't want to wear a diaper anymore. He has been in big boy underwear since Wednesday...of course with some accidents but he has gone on the potty several times. This is HUGE. I cannot believe it. It tells me that he is actually feeling the sensation of having to pee. He is doing a lot of therapy this summer so I am sure that it is a combination of things but I have to attribute some of it to HBOT. It is the only thing that changed.

We are so proud of him and so happy.....this is now sparking interest for Griffin too. He actually went pee pee on the toilet for me yesterday....OMG...if we can get them both out of diapers this summer, it will ROCK!

We certainly don't want three in diapers!!!

I have really high hopes for this HBOT. I have heard a lot of success stories. I'm trying not to set myself up for disappointment but I really think that we are going to see good things.

After going to that vaccine seminar Friday night, I really feel even more that this therapy will help. We learned how the vaccines can cause "mini-strokes" in the brain, which cause that part of the brain to stop working but not basically is loss of oxygen and blood flow to certain areas of the brain. This therapy pumps oxygen to those areas so it would make sense that it would help bring them back "to life."

I'm not going to get on my soapbox about vaccines because I know that some people find me annoying and probably crazy but I have to say that there were points in the seminar Friday where I had lumps in my throat because I know in my heart that Carson would be 100% healthy had we not gotten him those TOXIC vaccines. The stories that we heard made me so grateful that he is only dealing with this high-functioning Autism and that he is getting better. Had we not stopped vaccinating, I'm afraid to think of where it would have taken him. It's not just one's the build up of the 38 that they want in these little bodies by the age of TRAGIC!

Be careful....and even if you disagree with me...just be careful. I know that all of this could have been avoided had we been more educated sooner.

Because I believe I know the makes me even more certain that Carson will recover from this.....

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

He is such a sweet little boy...working so hard each day and it shows. He doing what you are doing Jay.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...It should read...Keep doing what your doing.