Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art and Music Therapy

I mentioned in my last post that Carson has started art and music therapy at the FAR conservatory in Birmingham. What a wonderful place! He had his first session this past Wed and did really well.

Carson was having a bit of an "off" week and I was concerned about how he would do but he was so excited to go that I did not cancel. The first thing he had was art. He did enjoy it but was very distracted by all the items in the room. He was a bit off task and at one point got mad at his therapist and told her she was on the naughty list. He even called her a butter head. I left the room at this point as I thought I was more of a distraction than a help and he did finish up his work and seemed to have fun.

Music was a joy. He loved it. The smile on his face and his dancing and singing were so sweet. This place is amazing. They have tons of instruments for him to try and make up songs all the while working on focus and fine motor skills.

When we were all done and walking out, Carson took my hand and said - I love you mom.

To any mom this is music to their ears. To a mom of a child that is considered speech and language impaired - this is magic! I remember the time when he would/could not speak at all. Not even answer a yes or no question. No eye contact. Just stared off into space. All this work is worth it and to know he is happy and can express himself..... amazing.

Yep, I think he had fun and as a parent that is all you could want.


Anonymous said...

I just love your posts....they make me laugh and cry...every time! You are the best mom and I'm so proud of how far Carson has come along...God Bless

Anonymous said...

How fun! Learning how to read music at this young age helps with math skills too. Good job, mom & dad!
Love you,

Our Journey To Eden said...

Music is a universal language! I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up doing something in the music field. He has always enjoyed it so much. That... or a magician. :)