Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flying time

Hello all. I promise no drama in this post. Time is flying by and I can't believe it will be March in just a few days.

March is such a special month for us. Carson will be turning 6 on the 15th. We have a fun party planned at Pump it Up. He is super excited and I can't wait to see his happy face! He even has a few gifts that he has already said he wants.

February was such a wonderful but busy month for us. Each weekend we had two to three commitment's and I am happy to report that we got through them well and had fun. This weekend is my cousins bridal shower and a family party for Jay. I will be taking Miss Mia with me so that Jay and the boys can go do something fun together.

Just a few funny things to report -

  • Griffin and Carson have really gotten back into wanting popsicles. Who does not want a Popsicle when it is a snowy blizzard outside? By the time Fin would get to the middle of the Popsicle he would complain that his hands were too cold. All on his own, he went and got out his gloves. Now, every time he has a Popsicle he has to eat it with gloves.

  • Carson starts music and art therapy today. He has his evaluations last month and LOVED it. I actually cried when I saw how much fun he had playing the piano and making up songs. The people that will be working with him are wonderful and he is already very excited to go today. It makes me very happy that he can receive 'therapy' by doing things that are fun.

  • We are all longjng for some sun. Carson is asking to go to the beach everyday. He even got his hands on our thermostat and set it to 82 degrees. Just yesterday he asked me if I could turn winter into summer. I love that he thinks I have super powers but I disappointed him greatly when I could not seem to make it warm up outside.

  • The boys, Jay and I went sledding last week. I have taken Carson a few times but this time, Fin got to go. Fin is not nearly as adventurous as Carson and I waited on taking him until Jay was there so we each had a child. Fin did enjoy it but then he got some snow in his face and that was it. He was done. Carson on the other hand, loves it and wont quit until he physically can't walk up the hill anymore. I wish I had some pics but am too scared to take my camera as it might get ruined.

  • Our little Diva is sick right now. She has an ear infection but I am super happy to report the RSV test came back negative. She is miserable and whimpers all day. Breaks my heart but I know she will feel better soon. When she does feel well, she is a little charmer. She has stolen my heart and I have to stop myself from eating her face;)

Love you all - Em


Anonymous said...

I love hearing about the funny stuff...good times! Glad Mia's okay. Can't wait to see you all again soon.

Our Journey To Eden said...

Gloves... seriously... that kid is too much!!!!! I just love him!!!!

I would love to hear one of Carson's songs! You should video!!!

Mia... save some of her face for me! Love that drunk smile she does!!!!