Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something is happening...

I can't believe the things that I am seeing happen with Carson this week. It's amazing! This intense therapy seems to really be working. I'm so happy! Today, he and I had a full blown conversation. I went to pick him up from school to run him to therapy on my lunch (poor guy...3 hours of school and then 3 hours of therapy) and he started crying because he wanted to get on the bus and I was there to pick him up. The bus pulled away and he said "Oh no, I missed my bus, how am I going to get home now" as he was crying in my arms. A 14 word sentence! I assured him that everything was okay and that I was taking him with me. He said "Daddy, wanna go home and have a picnic and watch Little Bear?" I said I would love to but we have to go to Buzz Lightyear Space Camp (that's what we call therapy since he wears the thera-suit there.) He told me that he didn't want to go to Buzz Lightyear Camp. I asked him if he wanted to go to McDonalds. He said yes and that he wanted french fries and an orange drink. He walked by me, stood in line patiently to order and he helped me get our drinks. There was a play area at this McDonalds. I told him that we had to eat first. He ran onto the equipment, went down the slide once and came and ate with me until we were both done. We were in a hurry so I could only let him go on the play equipment for a couple of minutes. When we went to leave, I held his hand fit! Another miracle! He was very tired and did not want to go to therapy but we had to. Once we passed our exit on the expressway, he knew we weren't going home and started screaming and crying that he did not want to go to Buzz Lightyear Camp. It was heartbreaking because I would have loved nothing more than to be able to take him home and let him play like most four year olds do but I had to focus on how much he is improving and try to console him. The drop off did not go well but when I picked him up, they said that he transitioned well and had a good day. As soon as I picked him up, he asked if he could play the computer. Once we got home, that is what he did....he probably spent about two hours tonight playing games on the computer....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He was controlling the mouse, using two hands on multiple buttons, following the directions, switching games by himself, running the computer like nobody's business. I sat there watching him in utter amazement. I am so grateful and so proud of him. Just watching his face while he played...he would yell "I did it...daddy lap (slap) me five...I did it all by myself." I was beaming with joy.

Tuesday on the way home, we called Granny. Before we called, I asked him what he did at Buzz Lightyear Camp...HE REPLIED "I played chasing, I played jumping, I played an elephant game and then I'm all done." A breakthrough! He talked back and forth with Granny....told her he went to Buzz Lightyear Camp, etc. After that, he talked to his cousin Blake (also 4.) He talked...paused, let Blake answer....back and forth. He said "Hello Blake...pause.....I feel happy now, I'm not bad anymore....pause....I went to Buzz Lightyear Camp.......pause......I love you Blake...goodbye." When Blake hung up, he told Granny "he said he's all better now." PRICELESS! I cannot explain the pure joy that I am feeling right now.

On another note, Griffin, our other may have heard of him truly is the sweetest, kindest, and most joyful child I've ever seen. He makes our life so happy. He's saying two words together now and is very vocal. He's obsessed with sports and he's so good. He has an amazing slapshot for hockey...he slaps a ball around with his hockey stick non-stop. He's also got a great soccer kick. He kicks the ball all over and yells "score!" His newest trick is that he throws a ball up and hits it with his baseball bat and I'm not joking. Papa Tom even videotaped it on his phone and texted it to me today. He's only 17 months old. I've never seen anything like it. It's hilarious. He does it sport to the other...I think that we have a future star athlete on our and Emily? Yes, really! You would have never guessed it! We don't even watch sports on TV (besides the Olympics!) He amazes me everyday. He is pure joy! I know he's mine but he is seriously one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen (compliments of Mommy!)

I got to spend the day with him on Tuesday (just he and I.) I took him to the mall (he was so good!) Then, I took him to the outdoor mall to play on the playscapes. We met a little boy there. He was very intrigued by Griffin and wanted to play with him. He was about three and a half I would say. His name was also Griffin and he couldn't understand how they had the same name. He said to me...he's a boy....I said yes, he's a boy....he said "does he have a penis?" I had to laugh and I assured him that Griffin had a penis. Then he told me that his feet were dirty but his butt was clean. He was so funny! Had to share that one!


Anonymous said...

Jay, I can't tell you how much joy your post gave me this morning, "pure joy"! I pray that each day brings more good news.

I have seen Griffin play sports and it is too funny. Yesterday I watched him toss the ball up in the air with his left hand and hit it with the bat he was holding in his right have to see it to believe it. Yes, I agree he is the sweetest, dearest little boy I know. Nonna

Anonymous said...

I'm jumping up and down in the stands, cheering and balling my eyes out with happy tears! YAY! This is beyond amazing news! I couldn't be happier for all of you! Go Carson, go! And little Finn...Wow! Future all-star!
Oh cherish these days! Isn't it the most amazing feeling?

Anonymous said...

Woops, I meant "bawling", not "balling". Hopefully I caught that before Jay did. hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful !!!! These guys are a joy to be with. Everyday something new, and great.
papa Tom

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for Carson!
Jay-Maybe Griffin did get his athletic ability from were good at hurdles, that is unless you wiped out! HeHe

Take Care,

Journey To Eden said...

How amazing! I am beyond words! We love you our sweet Carson!!!!!

Allison said...

Ahhh that most made my day!!! yayyyyy Carson!

I am also surprised that an athletic child came from you and Emily!!!

miss you love you

Anonymous said...

Jay and Em-

What wonderful news. Kids are so amazing. I hope that everyday holds new accomplishments and less challenges for Carson.

Lisa W

cindy said...

Your tenderness and love are very touching. Carson couldn't have asked for better parents. And thank you for sharing this with me. It makes me appreciate what you and Em go through. Great job. Love you both.