Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Day at the Walker Resort

Hi Everyone! We finally are catching up with our Labor Day Weekend posts. This one is from Saturday. We spent the day at Aunt Carol and Uncle Roger's pool. It actually was a VERY good day. Carson was very content and on his best behavior. He loves the pool so we swam a lot. As you know the weekend weather was perfect so we had a busy schedule but all fun stuff. Saturday went the smoothest. Sunday, not so much. We planned on picnicking with Em's entire family at Stony but the bees were horrible so once everyone was unpacked and ready to picnic, we moved the party to Nonna and Papa Tom's house. Carson tends to not do too well with big groups inside so he and I hung out in the bedroom and watched Buzz Lightyear for a while but it was way too nice out to be doing that and since we weren't really at the party anyway, he and I cut it short and I took him swimming again at Aunt Carol's (after he napped the second we pulled out of Nonna's driveway.) That was really the only rough spot of the weekend though. Monday we went to the beach...those pictures will be in the next post.

Granny and her babies.....

Mommy and her twin (and her twins...thanks for sharing!)

Daddy and his best friend sharing a kiss

A peaceful moment at play (Carson, Fin and Brooke)

My beautiful boy (notice how looks into the camera now...he's coming along!)

Our future sports star showing his moves...

A refreshing swim with my buddy...

The rest of the family enjoying the day!
Aunt Carol and Andrea
Lori and her new grandbaby Emma

Heather and Justin (Emma's mommy and daddy)

Pa, Uncle Roger and his brother Don (Emma's grandpa)

Uncle Brian and his cute kids Blake and Brooke (looking the like Aunt Jemima)

We had a blast. It doesn't look like we'll able to do this again until June since the weather took a turn for the worse. It was fun while it lasted!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I also see a difference in the way Carson looks at the camera. With God's good grace more great things to come.