Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Curve Ball

Just when things seem to be going smoothly.....

We had a decent week last week. Jenny McCarthy's new book came out. We bought it and started reading it as well as watching her on Oprah. We're a little obsessed with her and her fight to spread awareness. Her story is so inspiring and her son is so much better. It sends a message of hope to those of us parents going through this ordeal. We're trying everything that she did. Things are looking pretty good.

We had a great weekend. Friday, we went to see Dr. Mark (our chiropractor) for our adjustments and then we took the boys to the park. We played on the playscapes and fed the fish and ducks. The boys loved it. I did too except for the ducks. They're crazy...they get so close to you to get the food. As many of you know, I'm very afraid of birds, ducks, geese, basically anything that flies or has wings (and bites or pecks you.) The funniest part of the evening was the fact that we gave Carson several coins to buy food to feed the ducks. He was so excited when we got there that he decided to skip the whole buying the food part and just try to feed the ducks and fish the coins. Quarters were flying in the lake...it was great.

Saturday, we chilled out for a while and then were invited over to our neighbor's house for a skeleton hunt. They are very into Halloween and it was great for the kids. Carson was a little timid and not too interested in the other kids but he did behave well and wasn't too over-stimulated which was nice. From there, Em and I were going to meet our friends Eric and Lisa and Angie, Toby and Tony up at the cool beer tent up where I grew up. We went to Granny and Pa's first to hang out and try to get the boys ready for bed before we left. When we were leaving, Carson said "Can I go with you?" Emily said "No, we're going to an adult party." He said "Can I go to an adult party?" Emily said "No." He said "Okay, bye mommy, bye daddy...having fun drinking!" It was hilarious...white trash, yes...but hilarious. Speaking of white trash...let's just say we saw our fair share throughout the evening.

Sunday, we went to the Cider Mill with Kristie, Brian and the kids, Matt and Julie and their kids and Kirk and Kristen and their little guy. It was fun with all the little ones. All four of our little ones are nearly the same age. Carson had so much fun in the corn mazes, haunted house, petting zoo, etc. He was so well behaved. Another perfect day....up until the end when we were walking along the side of the Cider Mill and Carson decided to run up and turn the water spicket on by the drinking fountain. Some water splashed on a guy that was getting a drink.....I was throwing away garbage so I missed most of the altercation but this is how it panned out:

Skanky looking guy to Emily - "You better watch your kid"
Emily responds - "I'm sorry. He doesn't understand that we're not at home and that he cannot turn on the spicket here."
Skanky guy says "Well my kids wouldn't have done that!"
Emily responds (not so nicely this time and rather loudly) "Well your kids probably don't have Autism and thank God for that!"

There went the damper on the day because Emily was quite upset after that and all the way home. I assured her that the skanky guy wasn't worth ruining our day over but as Emily pointed out, which is also something that Jenny talked about this week is that since there is nothing visually wrong with Carson, people don't understand his behavior and may just think he's bad. It's very annoying!

Overall, it was a great weekend! Last night, a co-worker of mine came over with some friends to discuss essential oils. She recently started selling them and has many success stories of people being cured of many different ailments due to the use of these oils (some specifically to do with Autism and ADHD.) It was a great meeting and we ordered several products. We're very excited to try them on Carson.

So a few good days....too good to be true?? Of course! This morning Griffin had a seizure (so we think!) Apparently, his head slumped over, eyes rolled, and he was unresponsive for about 20 seconds. It was right after Em left for work so Nonna and Papa Tom were with him. He snapped out of it. Em came home to take him to the hospital. The pediatrician wanted him brought in to the office first. He thinks it may have been what is called an Absence seizure. Really God? Are you trying to kill us? Thankfully, we are able to get into the neurologist tomorrow morning where Fin will get an EEG to help explain exactly what happened. Please pray for the best. I truly do not know what I will do if something is wrong with my little angel. He was normal the rest of the day and tonight so hopefully it was nothing but it's very hard to relax not knowing what's wrong or if it will happen again.

Not quite sure how much more I can take......

Thanks for caring!


Anonymous said...

I don't have to tell that we are praying for our handsome little angel. In fact I stayed up overtime last night to get as many in as I could. We will never stop praying for all of you even when things get better. It seems to be the only thing we can do sometimes.As for Em's encounter with the skank YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

Allie said...

heyyyy I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! I am sorry about that dude with attitude, people are just uneducated... But I am praying for Griffen!!!! Just like you said, "God only gives you what you can handle..."

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best!