Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Soccer Story

Today Carson had soccer at OU. He does pretty well. Imagine a loud gymnasium full of kids on the spectrum and most of their parents and about four coaches trying to play soccer. It's quite chaotic. Griffin came today and he and Miss Liz played basketball on the other end of the gym for a bit. Toward the end, there is always a game. Many of the kids do not get the concept that the other team is supposed to try to take the ball away...needless to say, there are a lot of frustrated children trying to keep the ball.

Today Carson and one of his teammates collided and Carson got hit in the nose by the other kid's head. He was very upset and needed a break. Griffin was quick to offer to jump into his spot. Of course I didn't let him but he was very sure he could go out and "teach" them how to play. It was almost over so since Carson was a hot mess, we decided to just leave. As we were leaving, Griffin said "One day I'm going to punch that kid in the nose so he can cry and not bug Carson anymore." It made me laugh so hard. The whole way to the car, Griffin was consoling Carson saying things like "But Carson, he didn't know he was on your team. It was an accident." It was so cute and funny. I love listening to them converse.

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Anonymous said...

Love the way they look out for each other....great hearing them.