Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Carson ROCKS!

Just a quick Carson update....

Carson was the "special person" of the day in his first grade class yesterday. His resource room teacher e-mailed us and let us know that he did AWESOME! She said he went up to the front of the class and told them all his name and some things about him. He said "My name is Carson. I like computers. I like I'm hungry (they corrected him to say I like to eat.) I like gym class. I do tricks. I like superheroes." His teacher said it was so great that she welled up. I am so proud of him! I wish I could have seen it. I can't believe how much progress he is making....of course, I want more....in time...I know:)

I also cannot say enough how AMAZING his team at school is. We get constant communication from his resource room teacher. She and his speech therapist just made him a big board of superheroes. Each superhero has bubbles coming out of his mouth with one of the class rules. On the other side of the board are villians with a picture of Carson saying "Oh no...don't let the villians get me." I know this sounds funny but I think he will respond well to it. He's very visual and very imaginative.

All in all, he is doing better in first grade than we ever expected. He truly amazes Emily and me all the time. What a blessing he is!

I'm so thankful that he is responding to his treatment plan. I hope it continues and one day this will all be behind us and we will look back and say "Remember when we were recovering Carson from Autism...."

That is my dream and my biggest wish:)

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Carson is doing great! A lot of his progress is due to having a wonderful Mom and Dad. Great work you two. You have given it your ALL and it shows. Love that guy!
Papa Tom

Anonymous said...

I always cry reading your post...but they are always happy tears. This little boys is my super hero.....he is amazing. I thank his teachers and pray he always has such wonderful people at his side. Most of all thank you, mom and dad...for always wanting more.