Monday, January 11, 2010

The Diva

Mia is a short and sweet name (in our opinion). Just three letters. Feminine and yet not too cheesy. Never did I dream that when we named our daughter Mia that we would have tons of nicknames for her. They range from Mo, Mosie, Meme, Me and Miamo. Yes, cheesy in love parents with all our goofey names. However, the one that comes to mind most of the time is Diva.

Our sweet girl has had a bit of a rough go. She has had reflux, eczema (to the point of it pussing. Sorry- TMI) and a milk allergy. On top of this, she has had an ear infection and several colds. We also can't forget that she would only tilt her head to one side causing a potential problem with her head shape and neck muscles (I am happy to report that this has since worked itself out). So, as you can imagine, we have taken too many trips to the Ped for me to even count.

All these things have contributed to her now being called the Diva. She is on partially digested formula at the cost of 70+ per week (for now, as she consumes more we will need to buy more). She cannot use typical baby products on her skin as her skin will get really angry and itchy. So, we have nothing but the best there too. Her scalp is dry so, we need to also us special shampoo for that too. You name it... laundry detergent, yep that too.... only the good stuff.

I feel horrible that she feels so horrible. Being a third time mom it is easy to be a bit over confident and think - I can do this. I have done it twice before. Mia is teaching me that I have never yet had a Mia and that she will call the shots.

Mia fights sleep. Literally, the only way to get her to sleep is to swaddle her, hold her close and pat her bottom until she finally relaxes a bit. After that, you move very carefully as the smallest change will wake her up. I find that I actually hold my breath when she is sleeping for fear of waking her. This leads to only two to three 20min naps a day. So, to top it off she is also over tired.

One amazing (very, very, amazing) thing has happened though. At just 12 weeks she sleeps though the night. Oh, I am terrified to even write this as I feel as though she will somehow find out and that she will decided that sleeping all night is for babies and she does not need any of that! So, my sanity is being helped by my ability to get 6 hours straight though the night. It would be more but I like to cause myself pain and go to the gym once she is asleep. This sleep might be due more to her pure exhaustion from fussing and crying all day, but for now, I will humor myself and pretend that I have somehow made this happen.

The boys have adjusted really well to our new little Diva. Carson will cover his ears during her crying and Fin will just ask me to put her away or give her to ... anyone else around. Overall, they love her very much and have fun giving her the paci and playing with her toys.
She might be a Diva but she is my little Diva. When she smiles it is from the tips of her toes and she has a giggle that will steal your heart. She loves me very much and it feels good to know that I am her place of comfort and security.

Lets face it. She joined a crazy family. We have a crazy life, we are loud, and we have a crazy schedule. She has had to make our life work rather than us making it work for her. For that I feel guilty. She is still so small and I know this time will go quickly.

Things are bit more under control now that we have all the health issues worked out. She is starting to enjoy things a bit more and that makes me really happy.

So, my lack of blogging, failure to return phone calls, emails, etc. You can blame the Diva. She runs my show and for now.... that is perfect by me. She is after all one of the three greatest loves of my life. Even if I am just slightly scared of her;)


Anonymous said...

This was a joy to read, thank you. Mia is as sweet as they come and so is her mommy. You are both blessed. Thanks for the laughs.

Anonymous said...

I loved this. It made me laugh and cry. Mia is so beautiful. I'm glad she is giving you a break at night.
Love Audrey

Anonymous said...

Awesome about the sleeping all night! From the pics, I still think she looks a lot like Fin! It has been forever since I have seen her!

Our Journey To Eden said...

Sweet post about a sweet little girl. I know how hard it is having a baby with colic... hopefully she will mellow out like our Adrian. Hang in there! It won't be forever! Remember how "worried" you were about me when I was going through it! :)

Mia is peaches and cream! Her dimples are to die for! I love her so much already!

You sure have beautiful babies!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about the 12-hour nights...keep it up, Diva! Mama needs her sanity! xoxo Love you all,