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Welcome to Curing Carson, the on-line journal of two American parents living the dream with a few twists and turns along the way. This blog will be published by us as a household. So, hold on to your hats, mom is writing, dad is writing and well, at some point I guess the kids will be writing too.

A large focus of this blog will be the stories, musings and thoughts of two parents curing (recovering) our son of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are in no way experts but with the help of some of our on-line heroes and research, we are finding our way in this very controversial approach of bio-medical healing of allergy induced autism (AiA).

Now is a good time to mention that neither I, nor my husband write for a living and although he is a word and grammar freak, I am - well - not so much. I write my thoughts and feelings and will without a doubt have some spelling and grammar issues along the way. If it bothers you, sorry, you can just make fun of me like Jay does. I am use to it.

Without further adieu we are -

Mama (Emily) - that is me folks. I am the mama bear, crazy lady of the house and sometimes an emotional wreck (when dealing with autism). I will talk from my heart and share my deepest thoughts and feelings hoping that it might help just one other person along the way, and to also help myself deal with the mental gymnastics that seem to keep me up at night.

Dad (Jay) - Dad is without a doubt the obsessive one and the one from time to time who struggles with finding the light at the end of this tunnel. He is our Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) expert and well, just the best daddy any child could ever want.

Carson - Carson is our first born son. He is our amazing kiddo with cool spiky hair and the most joyous heart of anyone I know. He is a true free spirit and takes little in his life too seriously. And, yes, Carson has autism. In another post I will fill you all in on the long two year journey we have been on to get us to this point. Let me tell you, there is much joy in where we are now and although, conversing with my son is a bit different than the way others may, there is simply nothing better.

Griffin - Fin is our little guy. He is just over a year old. He is a stitch and the child that God knew we needed. He is joyful, easy, and well, funny as heck. He is a little pig and although he is only in the 10 percentile for weight, eats everything all day long. We will be writing about Fin, his milestones and also what it is like to parent a typical child since a great deal of what we are experiencing with Fin is new to us.

We are a Christian household and let me tell you, had it not been for our faith, we might have lost it long ago. Now, with that said, I can promise you this, I will swear, I will say things that might be alarming, I will be angry from time to time. The Lord knows all my imperfections and we talk about them in great detail often.

Jay and I have an amazing family that surrounds us and our babies with love and support. Some do understand this world better than others but we know the love is there from everyone. Let's face it, autism is out of most people's comfort zone, we understand this but most do try and for that, we are grateful. With all this said, some of what might be discussed on this blog could be "news" for some family members. Remember, this is our safe place to talk and help other families dealing with similar struggles. We in no way, mean any harm.

Lastly, this blog is not just about curing autism. It is a family journal and will include stories of all areas of our big beautiful life.

Enjoy! And if you feel the desire, comment.

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