Monday, October 13, 2008

The EEG came back normal!

Thank God! Griffin's EEG came back normal so we're not sure exactly what happened but it wasn't a seizure. I called on Friday for the results. The girl on the phone told me that the results were sent to our pediatrician but that they were normal. Emily had Griffin at the pediatrician today for his 18 month well baby and the EEG results were not yet in his file but as far as we know, everything is okay.

He is in the 25th percentile for height and head circumference and 10-15th percentile for his weight....little peanut! I don't know how. He eats everything he can find. He's a little piggy! That's all to report from the well baby visit....NO VACCINES of course....and Emily said that nurse practitioner didn't even give her a hard time. She said that she, are people waking up?

We had a busy weekend with lots of fun things to do so expect a few more blogs this week with lots of pictures but I'm too sleepy right now.


Anonymous said...

Good news for Griffin!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness!

Lynn said...


Just wanted to stop by, I will come back next week to get to know you better!

Good news about your little peanut! Mine? 75th in height and 90th in weight and head circumference! She will outgrow Griffin in another month or so!!